Curved studs
Curved studs

Curved studs



These studs are made with hand formed porcelain pieces individually drawn with a ceramic pencil. The studs are surgical steel.

Size: 3cm / 1. 1/4 Inches in Length
All lengths are measured from the top of the earring stud to the bottom.


All of my earrings are handmade in small batches and though great care has been taken to make each piece, there may be subtle irregularities that are a result of the making process. 

The pencil used for the drawings is a ceramic pencil that once taken to high temperatures becomes fired into the body and does not come off.

The porcelain earrings themselves are lightweight but not fragile. Porcelain, when subjected to high temperatures is a very robust material even when it is thin, much tougher that pearls!

ANTIALLERGIC:  The surgical steel is the same material used in surgery theaters and it is strong, safe and antiallergic. A very small percantage of the population are still allergic to it.


You can clean the studs of your earrings with a silver polishing cloth and the porcelain elements with a moist cotton cloth.
Care for your earrings by keeping them in a jewellery box or pouch away from the sun light when not in use. 
They will also last a very long time if they are not worn in the shower or swimming.