Black and White Ceramic Bell 10

Black and White Ceramic Bell 10



Ceramic bell with hand made beads.

These bells are made with Australian porcelain and black clay, each porcelain bead has been polished and individually hand drawn and then fired to high temperatures.

The size is around:
82cm x 6cm / 32 x 2.5 inches 

The measurement is taken from the top of the bell to the bottom, but they all have a string loop at the top of the bell to hang it from that is about 15cm.


All of the chimes are handmade in small batches. Great care has been taken to make each piece, but there may be some finger marks as a result of the hand made process. 

Porcelain wares look delicate but are not fragile. Porcelain, when subjected to very high temperatures turns into a very robust material. All the same, we take every care with the pakaging so that your order arrives at your door in perfect condition.

The drawings on the porcelain have been made with a ceramic pencil, that once fired into the body will never come off. To keep the porcelain clean you can hand wipe them with a cotton cloth dipped in soapy water.